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Bridging Pacific is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and communities for Chinese American immigrants.

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Our Mission

Our Mission


Gather and build essential resources for immigrant parents to thrive in the new environment


Reflect and inspire genuine conversations for immigrant children to share experiences


Connect and build communities for immigrant families to support each other

Founding Members

Sharon Chen
Cornell University '22
With Bridging Pacific, Sharon hopes to encourage and inspire future generations of immigrants to be open and receptive to different perspectives while not losing sight of their heritage.
Valentina Xu (headshot 2).jpeg
Valentina Xu
Cornell University '22
With Bridging Pacific, Valentina hopes to provide resources and create a community for immigrant families, making the process of moving to a new country easier and help them thrive.
Brandon Shi
Swarthmore College '20
With Bridging Pacific, Brandon hopes to close the generational communication gap between immigrant parents and children.

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If you are interested in joining our team, please directly reach out to us via Instagram (@bridgingpacific).

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