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Financial Literacy

One of the most important aspects of adult life is personal finance literacy, something that formal education does not teach us. This section will give you the resources to learn about concepts such as index funds, high yields savings accounts, etc. and how to apply them to your life. Click on Read More to browse around!

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When in a new environment, you might experience difficulties communicating with peers and families. What does this abbreviation mean? How do I explain this to my parents/children? We are here to help you with this process by providing you the resources we deem useful. Click on Read More to browse around!

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Practical Guides

When you just move to the U.S., there might be a lot of things you are trying to figure out, whether that being how to buy a car, get a new license, choose insurance, or even, where to get ingredients to make home foods! We have gathered a list of useful websites to help make the transition easier!


Continued Learning

We usually link learning with school, but that's not the case. This section will contain resources for you to learn even if you have already graduated from school! You can participate in language learning classes, dance classes and much much more! Click on Read More to browse around!


High School/College Application

Are you (or your kids) looking into applying for high school or college in the U.S.? How to determine what do you want to study and where? How to begin the process of applying and how to best prepare if you are still an underclassman? With experiences being high school/college students, we have a list of resources for you to check out!

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Enrichment

Life is not all about school, work, and more work. In this section, you will find our latest recommendations on shows, books, podcasts, and more, all hand picked by us. We hope that this section will both brighten up your day and enhance your understanding of the world around you. Click on Read More to browse around!

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