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There are lots of slang and abbreviations that your peers might be using on a regular basis. Check out this website for a list of slang so you would never feel left out in the conversation.

Don't know what to talk to your peers about besides "How are you?" This website has lots of casual conversation starter questions to help you connect with others easily.

I recently looked through my old emails and realized that I had emojis in my emails to teachers in middle school. If you don't know how to communicate to your teacher, use this website as a guide.

Maintaining a good relationship with your teachers beyond showing up in class is important, especially as you will be needing letters of recommendation of them as part of the college application. Check out this website for different ways to build relationships with your teachers.

Do you ever feel like it is hard for you to speak up in class because you are introverted, think too much before raising your hand, or not sure if the teacher will like your response? This article has different ways to overcome your fear and help you become more confident in speaking up in class.



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Asians face culturally specific barriers when it comes to mental health. The Asian Mental Health Collective aims to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health within the Asian community. Check out their communities and resources on the website, such as the Organizations Directory linked below.

许多亚裔家长都为如何与自己的美国孩子进行有效沟通而头疼,我们引述哈佛教育专家Josephine Kim 博士在2016美国华人大会中教育主题论坛的发言来为大家简单解读一二。








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